Shipping the Drilling Rig

In November 2020, Clifford drove his little Pontiac Vibe filled with equipment and supplies from Michigan to Alabama – almost 850 miles one way – towing the air compressor on the way there, which weighed more than the car! He helped load the 40 foot long, high cube (9.5 ft tall) cargo container with the Hydra-Fab KD2600 BoreMaster™ drilling rig and the following valued at more than $56,000:

  • 10 pallets of Bibles
  • 400 feet of 6” diameter (dia.) PVC well casing
  • 1000 feet of 3/4″ dia. PVC tremie pipe
  • 2 drilling bits (a 6” dia. and an 8” dia.)
  • DTH air hammer system with two 4” dia. bits, oils & greases, and drilling fluids
  • Industrial air compressor
  • Industrial generator
  • 10 Grundfos 15SQ15-290 1.5 Hp (240V, 50 Hz)well pumps that produce 15 gallons per minute (gpm) from depths of up to 290 feet deep
  • 2 used welders
  • 500 0.1-micron water filters
  • Water level meter(490feetlong)
  • 2 used toolboxes
  • Socket set, wrench set, screwdriver sets, etc.

The cargo container took seven weeks in transit and arrived in Kenya on about January 11, 2021.

Clifford spent from the end of November 2020 until February 13, 2021 preparing training materials, writing a how-to manual for the drillers selected by the KINEKWRUA, and otherwise preparing to travel to Kenya on February 12, 2021 to train our drilling team how to use the drilling rig.

Download a full list of our potential water projects in Kenya & Tanzania