About Wells For The World Inc.

WFTW Inc. is a non-profit NGO charity that seeks to empower marginalized communities in developing nations through scientifically-sound and sustainable water projects; with active projects in Kenya, but we hope to expand to other world areas, we provide the resources necessary to not only obtain life-sustaining water but also to flourish economically, improve the collective level of health in communities, and advance education opportunities to allow future generations to take responsibility for their community and lasting self-sufficiency.

Wells for the World, Inc. is the dream of Clifford Yantz, a hydrogeologist with 26 years’ experience in the environmental and engineering consulting industry, who for years has envisioned establishing a charity to provide those without access to clean drinking water the resources they need to not only sustain their lives, but to allow them to flourish and reach their full potential. WFTW is more than just about installing drinking water wells, it is about applying sound scientific principles to provide clean, sustainable water whether through wells, rain collection and storage (barrels and retention basins), surface water, filtration or other forms of treatment or resources, as we can raise the funds to do so. Proper sanitation is also a key component of providing clean sustainable sources of water; therefore, Wells for the World will promote the use of UNICEF's water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) program guidelines to further improve the lives of those we help.

Mission Statement

The mission of Wells For The World Inc. is to empower impoverished communities in developing nations through sustainable clean water projects and sanitation programs, as well as improve collective health, education and economic mobility via entrepreneurial-based programs.

Vision Statement

Our vision is that one day every man, woman and child will have adequate access to clean water, sanitation, education and reasonable economic mobility.

WFTW's Core Values

WFTW strives to demonstrate integrity and sustainable execution in all that we do.

  • Accountability– to those we serve, our community, partners and each other
  • Courage – to strive, lead, and take risks for the betterment of humanity
  • Dignity – to treat all and implement our approach with respect
  • Empowerment – of marginalized populations, citizens, families, and individuals
  • Entrepreneurial – to strive to empower marginalized persons and communities to become self-sufficient through education, encouragement, partnerships and business creation
  • Responsibility – in our compassion, actions, words, and solutions, to those that give to the cause, help carry out the solutions, partner with, those we serve, and the local, regional and national governments we operate under
  • Partnership – in local private and public sectors, governments, with other charities, and the communities we serve
  • Sustainability – providing long-term solutions that are scientifically sound, socially acceptable, and economical
  • Transparency – in what we do, what it costs and what is working

Our Team

Clifford Yantz

Founder & Hydrogeologist

"For me, Wells for the World, is where I can share my love for hydrogeology, my love for people and my love of faith by providing a “cup of cold water."

I have performed hydrogeologic investigations at over a 100 sites and specialize in the review and interpretation of hydrogeologic data to determine groundwater flow characteristics and have designed or helped design over three dozen groundwater extraction systems. I have installed hundreds of wells and used groundwater flow models to evaluate hydrogeologic resources and design groundwater extraction systems, the largest of which was a 4,000 gallon per minute (gpm) system. I have the know how to evaluate the hydrogeology of an area and properly design and install groundwater wells. I also have a lot of experience collaborating with numerous engineers and scientists throughout my career to accomplish my clients goals, and look forward to going from serving multinational companies to serving individuals in third-world countries. During my 2014 trip to Africa, my friend Hassan gave me the Maasai name Lemayian, Blessed One, because he said I am blessed with knowledge and understanding, and because I want to be a blessing to others.

Matt Maloney

Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries at Brenneman Memorial Missionary Church

"Water is something we always take for granted here in the United States, but not for the Maasai. I cherish the Massai, they are a second family to me."

Matt has been taking trips to Kenya and Tanzania for the last 9 years working with the Maasai tribe. Hassan gave Matt the Maasai name Olouishorua, God Given, because God has given Matt to the Maasai people as their friend. Matt considers himself a Maasai, a muzungu (white) Maasai. He has seen true suffering amongst this people group because of the lack of clean drinkable water. Water is something we always take for granted here in the United States, but not for the Maasai. He has witnessed people walking miles to get water and have seen people who are sick because they don’t have water. He believes right now that water is one of the biggest needs in Maasialand. Many of the women have to wake up very early in the morning to retrieve water for their families and often have to carry it themselves. The Maasai tribe, which is located in the Great Rift Valley, are a people in desperate need of drinkable water. Matt found that in some areas wells cannot even be drilled and it is often very costly, to retrieve a government license and the logistics can drive the costs to $40,000. Recently, he raised funds to install a bathroom with running water in the building he helped build in Ewuaso, Kenya. We were told during a May 2014 trip to Maasailand that it might be the only flush toilet in 20 to 30 miles. Also, 10 rain barrel systems have been purchased and installed in ten of the neediest areas in Maasailand. Matt's heart yearns to do more for the Maasai and to provide the life giving water they need.