Our Partners

We are so appreciative of all of the support we have received from individuals from such places as:

Livonia, MI, Shelby Twp., MI, Watertown, NY, Walled Lake, MI, Wolverine Lake, MI, Rochester Hills, MI, South Bend, IN, Mishawaka, IN, Erieville, NY, Syracuse, NY, and donations have also come in from: Maryland, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas and Montana.

Corporate Sponsors

Thank you Pine Environmental Services LLC for the 500 ft water level meter and for choosing to sponsor Wells for the World!

Pine is the industry leader with over 20 years of experience offering rental and sales equipment for Environmental Monitoring, Health & Safety Monitoring and Protection, Non-Destructive Testing, Remote Visual Inspection and Continuous Emissions Monitoring. With multiple locations across North America coupled with complimentary local delivery, a broad equipment offering, company truck fleet and local equipment training, customers have come to recognize Pine as a service provider unmatched by the competition. Contact us today at 800-301-9663 or visit us online at www.pine-environmental.com.

O'Brien & Gere has become more than an engineering solutions company throughout our history of creating a better future since 1945.

At the center of our story are clients ranging from advanced manufacturers to higher education, federal agencies, and municipalities. These clients trust us to deliver sustainable solutions and integrate innovative technology to solve the evolving advanced manufacturing, energy, environmental, and water challenges of today and tomorrow.

By living our mission of People creating a better future by making a difference each day, we are improving natural and built environments for our clients, employees, and communities. And our story keeps getting better… Learn more at www.obg.com.

Thank you O'Brien & Gere for choosing to sponsor Wells for the World!

For Environmental Professionals - Boring Logs Made Easy

Logs by Lynn was founded in 2000 to serve clients by creating boring logs from their subsurface exploration data. We use gINT Professional, the premier Subsurface Data Management and Reporting Software. Lynn Yantz earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a cognate in Industrial Engineering from GMI Engineering & Management Institute (now Kettering University). Visit at www.logsbylynn.com for more information about their services, or Lynn directly via 248-669-2428 or by email at logsbylynn@comcast.net.

Thank you Logs By Lynn for choosing to sponsor Wells for the World!

Church & Spiritual-centric Sponsors

Unity in Purpose Message: While Wells For The World, Inc., is not a "religious" charity, we are an open-minded nonprofit organization that welcomes all people of faith, culture and background whom unite under the common goal of bringing sustainable clean water to impoverished communities. With that we are grateful to all of our "spiritual" sponsors for helping us provide for those that cannot provide for themselves.

Walled Lake Missionary Church is the story of ordinary people believing church is bigger than the four walls of a building. We believe that all of life, not just Sundays, is better with Jesus. Learn more at www.walledlakemissionarychurch.org/

Thank you Walled Lake Missionary Church for your continued support of Wells For The World, Inc.

Williams Lake Church of the Nazarene is a family of believers united in purpose on a journey to discover the fullness of God's love and the growth of His kingdom. Learn more at www.wlnazarene.org/

Thank you Williams Lake Church of the Nazarene for your continued support of Wells For The World, Inc.