Namuncha Child Development Center in Kenya - 2015

Wells for the World provide the AIC Namuncha (Kenya) Child Development Center (CDC) of which Solomon is the director (a charitable endeavor that provides education, meals and other necessities to 100 children in Namuncha), with two 2,000 gallon water holding tanks, which were installed on April 14, 2015, because they are connected to the same water source as Ewuaso, that is experience a severe drought in the area, at least a few days out of each week there is no water available due to over withdrawal and the lack of adequate water pressure in the pipeline. The CDC wants to fill and store water when the water is flowing and use the stored water when water is not available from their usual water source. The total cost of this project was $1,950. The CDC will also provide access to their excess water to the Namuncha community potentially helping hundreds of additional people!